NPZ has actively been breeding grain peas since 2006. Today, NPZ operates a European programme for breeding grain peas in cooperation with the French breeding company RAGT/R2n.

Breeding high-performance varieties with high grain yields and high lodging resistance are the main elements of this breeding cooperation. By means of targeted selection, threshability has been optimised in the recent past.


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Mature Grain Peas

Grain Peas

With regards to grain peas, only testing of breeding material from foreign partner companies was performed in the past. In the 1980s for instance, BIRTE (Mansholts) was marketed as yellow-seeded and high-yielding variety with normal leafs. Later on, the half-leaved variety MIAMI (Advanta) achieved good market shares. Successful varieties were derived from the long-standing cooperation with Serasem (France): HARDY, STARTER, GREGOR. At NPZ, real breeding of grain peas commenced in 2006 with the acquisition of the breeding programme of the company SWS GbR. In addition, breeding material of the Toft AS company was acquired in 2007. For NPZ, this led to the varieties SALAMANCA and CAMPUS (green-seeded) both in Germany and the UK. At present, ASTRONAUTE from the mutual breeding programme with RAGT/R2n is the leading variety in Germany.


Field Peas (peluskins)

There is also a smaller breeding programme aimed at the development of small-grained field peas. With FLORIDA and DOLORES, there are two established varieties whilst more breeding lines are currently undergoing the official registration process.

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Frosttolerant Winter Peas


Winter Peas

Together with our partner company RAGT/R2n, winter peas are also in development. These strains were particularly selected for high winter hardiness in order to ensure sufficient suitability for cultivation in Germany. Further work on agronomic characteristics and yield potential will be needed.