NPZ - About us

The headquarters of Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG (NPZ) is located in Hohenlieth (municipality of Holtsee) near Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein. The founding site, now a branch office, is located on the island of Poel in Malchow near Wismar in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


At the site in Hohenlieth, more than 130 employees work for NPZ. In the high season in summer, they are supported by about 120 temporary workers. An agricultural area of approx. 130 hectares is managed. In addition, a good 100 hectares of cultivated land are leased as part of the crop rotation system. There are usage agreements with neighboring farms for further areas.

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NPZ Standort Hohenlieth
Torhaus klein2
Torhaus in Hohenlieth

Malchow/island Poel

In Malchow on the island of Poel, 90 employees work at NPZ, who are supported by about 30 temporary workers during the summer months. The seed farm cultivates an area of 426 hectares, which is divided into eight crop rotations with five to ten rotation elements each. Of this, about 85 hectares are used annually as a breeding garden. In addition, over 1,400 hectares of land on the island of Poel are used for agriculture.

Luftbild Malchow Ausschnitt3
NPZ Standort Malchow/Insel Poel
Malchow Neue SZ klein2
Neue Saatzucht in Malchow