A match for winter.

  • Alternative in regions with risk of early summer drought.
  • Proven winter hardiness in all locations.
  • Mid-high grain and protein yield.
  • Compact growth type with high lodging resistance for low-loss harvest.

AUGUSTA: An option for risk diversification in regions affected by early summer drought.

In regions with increased early summer drought, the winter bean AUGUSTA, with its medium-high grain and protein yields, is a real alternative to growing spring beans. By planting the winter variety, the risk of a total loss of the (summer) bean can be partially compensated and the risk spread. AUGUSTA is sufficiently frost tolerant and can take full advantage of the winter moisture due to the deeper branched root system and the advanced plant development in early spring. Its yield formation is therefore less affected by early summer drought and heat because of an early flowering. The recommended sowing rate of 20-25 seeds/m² is about half of the spring type and reduces sowing costs.
The crop compensates for the lower sowing rate with tillering.


Variety Characters

Grain yield 6 mid-high
Protein yield 6 mid-high
Protein content 5 medium
Grain weight 5 medium
Begin of flowering 5 medium
Maturity 5 medium
Plant length 4 short-medium
Standability 8 good - very good
Susceptibility to    
Ascochyta - -
Botrytis - -
Rust - -

Classification based on German Federal Plant Variety Office 2023 and own observations.

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Field beans


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