Healthy growth meets high protein content.

  • High yield potential & above-average protein yield.
  • Low vicine/convicine content ideally suited for animal feeding (especially poultry) but also interesting for human consumption.
  • Low TGW.
  • Early flowering and mid-early maturity, compact type.

BOLIVIAlvc – Low TGW with high protein content.

BOLIVIAlvc combines a medium plant length with excellent standability, resulting in a compact and easy threshing crop with low losses at harvest. Due to its additional "low vicine and convicine“ quality, BOLIVIAlvc is very suitable for human consumption and animal feeding. Due to the high protein yield a native protein source is provided as an alternative to soybeans, especially in livestock feeding. The small grain size reduces sowing costs and makes it easy to handle with conventional sowing technology.

BOLIVIAlvc convinces with its earlier flowering and a mid-early maturity and a low susceptibility to common diseases, especially rust and Botrytis. As with all field beans, nitrogen fertilization is not recommended, which currently avoids high costs and conserves resources.

Variety Characters

Grain yield 6 mid-high
Protein yield 7 high
Protein content 5 medium
Grain weight 5 medium
Begin of flowering 4 mid-early
Maturity 5 medium
Plant length 5 medium
Standability 8 good - very good
Susceptibility to    
Ascochyta - -
Botrytis 4 low - medium
Rust 4 low - medium

Classification based on German Federal Plant Variety Office 2023 and own observations.

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Field beans

Field beans


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