Concentrated knowledge for high profitability.

  • Very high grain yield potential, with medium TGW.
  • Low susceptibility to Botrytis.
  • Longer plant type with improved stability and higher set pods.
  • Certified-seed expected to be available for sowing 2025.

Modern agronomy meets maximum yields.

GENIUS is a convincing variety with an innovative combination of low to very low risk of lodging, low susceptibility to Botrytis and uniform maturity of grain and straw. This ideal synthesis is completed by powerful grain and protein yields. GENIUS, with its modern agronomy, will successfully develop field bean cultivation even on medium-heavy soils. A well-rounded variety for professional field bean cultivation at the highest level.

Variety Characters

Grain yield 7 high
Protein yield 8 high - very high
Protein content 3 low - medium
Grain weight 6 medium
Begin of flowering 4 mid - early
Maturity 5 medium
Plant length 6 medium
Standability 8 good - very good
Susceptibility to    
Ascochyta - -
Botrytis 3 low
Rust 6 medium

Classification based on German Federal Plant Variety Office 2023 and own observations.

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Field beans

Field beans


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