Robust performance for broad added commercial value.

  • Site-adapted good yield potential with favorable agronomy characteristics.
  • Compact growth type with high lodging resistance.
  • Low vicine/convicine quality is well suited for animal feed and human consumption.
  • Rapid youth development and earlier maturity compared to other varieties.

VICTUSlvc – Popular and successful in the largest field bean market in Europe.

VICTUSlvc has a high yield potential with a mid-high crude protein yield. The compact growth type of VICTUSlvc combined with its earlier maturity and low delay in grain and straw ripening, results in an efficient harvest with reduced machine costs: An efficient value creation in above-ground grain yield production and below-ground N-fixation.

The low vicine and convicine contents make VICTUSlvc attractive not only for feeding laying hens and pigs, but also help to further develop the pulse market with end users (processing industry → human nutrition).

Variety Characters

Grain yield 6 mid-high
Protein yield 6 mid-high
Protein content 4 medium
Grain weight 5 medium
Begin of flowering 4 mid-early
Maturity 3 early
Plant length 5 medium
Standability 8 good - very good
Susceptibility to    
Ascochyta - -
Botrytis - -
Rust 6 medium

Classification based on German Federal Plant Variety Office 2023 and own observations.

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Field beans

Field beans


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