Outstanding plant health and stability.

  • High yield potential allows for high to very high protein yields.
  • Good shattering resistance, low-loss harvest.
  • Good resistance to Botrytis and rust.
  • Certified-seed expected to be available for sowing 2025.

IRONlvc - Powerful growth for difficult growing conditions.

With the high-yielding new registered variety IRONlvc, our segment of low vicine/convicine varieties is expanded. The medium TKW promotes the economic efficiency of field bean cultivation and helps to ensure accurate sowing at a site-adapted sowing depth. Good resistance to Botrytis and rust supports cultivation with reduced crop protection and thus offers the potential to reduce inputs and labor.
Improved pod shatter resistance supports low-loss harvesting.

Variety Characters

Grain yield 7 high
Protein yield 8 high - very high
Protein content 4 medium
Grain weight 6 medium
Begin of flowering 4 mid-early
Maturity 5 medium
Plant length 6 medium
Standability 8 good - very good
Susceptibility to    
Ascochyta - -
Botrytis 4 low - medium
Rust 4 low - medium

Classification based on German Federal Plant Variety Office 2023 and own observations.

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Field beans

Field beans


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